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Welcome to my container. It houses digital representations of some of the art and music projects I have worked on through the years. It is ongoing and in the beginning stages. I am starting with current music projects and I will be adding more art projects .

I collaborated with David Wojnarowicz on stencils and posters and street art in the not so heavily documented 80's. In 1981, we collected bloody cow bones from the meatpacking district (which was, at the time, literally that) and put them on the stairs, with his stencils, at the Leo Castelli Gallery.

I decided not to try to monetize my art a long time ago. I have made work primarily for myself as a creative outlet removing marketability as a consideration. I have shown at ABC No Rio, HOWL! Gallery, Federation of East Village Artists and Kansas City Art Institute. 

This website mostly contains recent work/music. I love collaborating with other artists/musicians on art or music or both. More recently I have been making videos as a natural extension of playing in the bands  FEMALE GENIUS  and ISOLATION SOCIETY 

It is important to me to create my own digital footprint.

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