Julie Hair

Welcome to my container. It houses digital representations of some of the art and music projects I have worked on through the years. It is unorganized and not chronological. It is ongoing and in the beginning stages.

I am starting with current projects and I will dig up more ephemera as i continue.

I love collaborating with other artists/musicians. I decided not to try to monetize my art a long time ago. I do create and sell silkscreen posters, tee shirts masks and bags to promote the bands I'm in. Also digital flyers and videos. 

Ian Wilson and I have each made videos for ISOLATION SOCIETY. It is important to me take the opportunity to create my own digital footprint whenever possible. 

My objective is not to try to compete with musicians, artists, record labels or site designers with deep pockets. But rather to create an archive of what pieces and projects that I can still find. Old and new.



Isolation Society
The Creepy Julie Project
Century Waste
# Teens Kill 4 * No Motive